It’s probably safe to say that the overall condom experience would never be complete if it didn’t include all the exciting erection-protection innovations from our Asian friends. Not content to put regular condoms into regular packages, many manufacturers have come up with some pretty crazy, bizarre ideas for marketing.

The following examples are guaranteed to not only enhance your sexual experience, but to bring a smile to your face as well.

Anime-themed packaging.
Somehow it doesn’t seem too surprising that anime characters would show up on condom wrappers in Japan. From Junko Mizuno, a Japanese manga artist, we have the Mizuno Garden Condom. These standard condoms come in a not-so-standard box of 10, and even include a special trading card… just in case the sex gets boring, I suppose.


Here’s one with a character from the popular Gundam anime series. Look, 12 Pieces of Love Cannon!

gundam condom

Flavors from your wildest dreams.
These are quite possibly the most irresistible condoms you will ever find. Flavors? Hmm. How about “Chicken Noodle Soup” for a start?


Or maybe “Seal Flavored”?


But I’m not quite sure what “Loves The Dick” or “Spank The Monkey” taste like:



What’s your sign, baby?
A small company by the name of Yamashita Latex has marketed condoms that come in packages based on the signs of the Zodiac. Each of the 12 packages displays a different picture based on the particular sign. Naturally, a condom is creatively worked into the design in each case. So, for example, this is Leo:

leo condom

And here’s my sign, Scorpio.


Gotta protect the ol’ stinger!

It’s not what it looks like.
Courtesy of Korea Latex Co., a condom package that looks like a miniature juice container. The 8cm-tall box even includes a special warning label and nutritional information.

Juicy queen condoms

Juicy queen condoms 2

No calories, but you get 100% daily value for both stimulation and excitement!

Your typical dining room table presentation: plant, candle, vase, box of condoms.
Thank you, Japan Medical Co., for offering us a subtle way to let our visitors know how much we care about safe sex. Tasteful, stylish, and, shall we say, very graceful as well.

Grace condoms

Now all that’s missing is a bowl of fruit with a couple of banana-shaped vibrators thrown in for fun.

Power, black color rubber.
This one’s got me wondering. It’s from Osaka, Japan, and it’s definitely a box of condoms (apparently black ones), but beyond that it’s a mystery. The black panther and the naked lady could be interpreted in so many different ways.


But hey, “stay real,” ‘cause we’re all “brack people”!

Whoa, is that a horse!?
A Japanese company called Okamoto apparently has some pretty big ideas. Sure, some people may very well need a latex that’s a little, um, larger. But what’s up with the horse?

Horse condoms

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping the picture isn’t supposed to be an accurate representation of what you’ll find inside the box. Super big boy, indeed!

Condom candies.
No, these aren’t real condoms, they’re just chocolates designed to look like condoms. The candies are a product of Taiwan, but apparently you can get them in Japan as well.

candy condoms

No, mom, I want some of THOSE candies!

Now you can score just like David Beckham!
Poor condom sales? No problem, just grab the biggest celebrity you can find and throw his or her picture on your product. That’s what a Chinese condom manufacturer did with David Beckham awhile back—without his permission, of course. As a result, lagging sales were quickly turned into big-time profits that made their condoms the most popular ones in China.


Vending machines, for your convenience (and safety).
It’s said that the Japanese have vending machines for just about anything you can think of: eggs, umbrellas, beer, porn. And condoms, of course.

condom vending machine

Well, there you have it. A few of the stranger examples from the world of Asian condoms. Stay real, super big boy!

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