The life of a Japanese businessman is a hectic one. The consistent go-go attitude makes sparing a single second difficult, which is perhaps why the Japan-based Niban Too Corporation invented a briefcase that not only holds those all-too-important TPS reports, but your day’s waste as well.

gadget gotta-go-briefcase

The Gotta Go Briefcase is an invention designed to maximize efficiency in the fast-paced world of Japanese business. Constructed with Mahogany leather and a stainless steel toilet bowl, this time-saving invention includes a toilet paper dispenser that can be hidden underneath the padding, which complements the privacy panel on the opposite side for maximum bowel evacuation efficiency and privacy.

Accessories include a cup holder, hand sanitizer with refillable dispenser, and a vanity mirror, because vanity is important when you’re doing your business in a public area. The maximum supported weight of the briefcase is 175 pounds, so portlier Japanese businessmen may still want to utilize public facilities to prevent it from breaking and contaminating everything.

This invention begs the question, however: Where does the waste go when you’re done?