In November, a Japanese lingerie company unveiled a new line of bras that quickly shot up to the top of the sales charts, making headlines in the process. The popular polyester garments, which are available in black, white, and pink, offer the wearer everything that might be expected from a well-designed bra: style, comfort, and maybe even some support.

Even if you technically don’t need to be wearing a bra for support.

Sound a little strange? Well, it could have something to do with the fact that these bras are designed for men. Yes, it’s true—once again, the world has a reason to marvel at Japanese creativity, which in the past has brought us such wonders as instant noodles, quartz wristwatches, and CD players.

Behold the Japanese man-bra:


Wish Room, the company that sells the bras, introduced the special underwear not as an option for men who actually have real man-boobs, but rather as an attempt to cater to the desires of cross-dressing males all over Japan.

Wish Room’s immediate success seems to indicate that there are quite a few Japanese men who fit that description. Now, thanks to Wish Room, cross-dressers can get what they’ve been looking for without wandering through the women’s section in clothing stores.

“More and more men are becoming interested in bras,” said Wish Room’s executive director. “Since we launched the men’s bra we’ve been getting feedback from customers saying, like, ‘Wow, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time,’ so I think there was a substantial customer base that was waiting to see this kind of product.”

Masayuki Tsuchiya, Wish Room’s representative director, is one of those happy customers himself.

“I like this tight feeling,” Tsuchiya said, modeling a man-bra for which he had absolutely no practical use. “It feels good.”

It’s been about eight months since Wish Room launched their special new product. Could this be an indication that we are looking at “a new trend for men in the 21st century,” as the man-bra-sporting reporter speculates?

So far, it looks like there’s plenty of “support” for that conclusion!

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