One doesn’t usually think about a shower being hazardous to ones’ health, but in the case of a trucker in China who has been fined for showering while driving his lorry on a highway it most certainly could have been!


If you are wondering how such a thing could happen, news sources claim that a police patrol car spotted water leaking from the driver’s cab as it was speeding down the highway.

“We worried the driver might not have known about a mechanical problem, so we signaled him to pull over at a service station,” said a police spokesman.

Much to the surprise of the police officers, the driver was soaking wet and had been caught in the act of enjoying a shower via a sprinkler kettle system that was rigged up above his head.

The driver found a way to insure his privacy on the makeshift device by hanging a bicycle wheel from the drop ceiling of the truck and running a shower curtain around it.

His wife was an accomplice to the “shower crime” as she had been holding up a sheet of plastic to protect the truck’s instruments from the water as she sat not so innocently in the passenger’s seat.

She told police officers they were in a hurry to deliver goods in another city. The air-conditioning in the truck broke down and so she set up the shower to keep her husband cool, thereby aiding and abetting in a very wet crime.

Police fined the driver and warned him he would really be “all wet” and in the hottest water imaginable if he ever tried to have a shower at the wheel again.

What price, cleanliness!




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