We knew you couldn’t resist another batch of bizarre signs to do the Engrish language proud, so here they are.

You’ll be told a lot of things in this collection that don’t make any sense, but rest assured they will make you laugh.

For instance, you’ll be told that there are no more steps when you’re standing at the foot of the stairs. Or that you can’t use the toilet while it’s a stabling – for horses, we can only presume. Or that you can’t reverse your car unless somebody is watching your rear end.

And you definitely won’t want to shit downwards.

If you still haven’t had enough after these and dozens more funny signs, check out Engrish Signs Forth, the next installment in the Engrish signs series.

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.