Up until now, it’s taken a very active imagination to picture a Gundam as imposing as its creators originally conceived it be. But the job just got much easier.


Gundam are various types of mecha, or giant robots, that are featured in TV shows, manga, novels, and video games since 1979, when Japan’s Sunrise Studios introduced Mobile Suit Gundam, the very first of its kind. Huge and bristling with mechanical muscle, the typical Gundam is controlled by a human pilot from a cockpit usually located in the torso.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Gundam’s arrival on the sci-fi anime scene, toymaker Bandai has constructed a full-scale reproduction in Tokyo’s Odaiba Shiokaze park, where it will be officially unveiled on July 11th.

This mecha model is the biggest ever. In fact, it’s the first to reach the size envisioned by Gundam’s creators. At a towering 60 feet, it dwarfs all human spectators—tall enough, presumably, to trigger second thoughts in the mind of any sinister foe.


But the behemoth doesn’t just stand there and look pretty. This Gundam’s mighty head moves, and it emits light from 50 different places and jets of mist from 14.

Let’s just say the likelihood you’ll mistake it for the Statue of Liberty is rather slim.




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