But Not on Purpose…

Singapore is known for its cultural centers, Esplanade, and beautiful skyline. But it’s certainly not known for its oral circumcisions… that is – until now.

A 30 year old secretary – having an affair with her boss – nothing too out of the ordinary in the world today… has bitten off most of her lover’s penis in a freak accident.


What was out of the ordinary is that she and her boss had chosen one of Singapore’s scenic parks to indulge in a fantasy outside of the bedroom. They picked the perfect spot… parked the car and she began giving her boss the famed “Kiss of Life.”

Everything seemed to be going to plan… until a van backed up and struck the vehicle – and that’s when things went downhill.

The impact from the van caused the woman to involuntarily bite down – severing her dear boss’s penis.

If that weren’t bad enough, her husband – who had suspected her of cheating – hired a private investigator to follow her around. And yes – the P.I. was there… behind the not-so-happy couple when the incident took place.

Not one to focus solely on assignment, the quick P.I. called an ambulance for the woman’s lover on his cell phone after hearing her cries of horror at what had happened.

The loving secretary then went to the hospital to comfort her emasculated boss.

No word as to whether her husband was there or not.