The Great Kali is a river that flows along the India-Nepal border. Ordinarily a rather serene location, a mutant, vicious catfish has been terrorizing natives who fear swimming and meeting up with the goonch who eats people (not to be confused with the grinch who ate Christmas).

This creature, a giant catfish, looks like a reject from a horror movie, and is all the more disturbing because it is dangerous and very, very real!

Scientists fear that the fish, originally a bottom feeder scavenger, began eating humans after developing a taste for flesh from feeding on burnt corpses dumped into the river after funerals.

Investigated by English biologist, Jeremy Wade and slated for a television documentary, the goonch is considered an endangered species.

In the past, locals speared them unmercifully in shallow waters and today electricity and dynamite are often utilized. Most anglers destroy the specimens they catch without even eating them.

How big are goonches? The largest one caught weighed in at 161 pounds and was nearly 6 feet long, which is a world record weight and far bigger than any landed before. If one of these critters likes the way you look, it’s goodbye to you!

Is the goonch after revenge?

While that may not be likely, reports of swimmers being dragged underneath the surface by unseen forces are documented and well-known.




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