Anything that is prefixed by the two words, “World’s Largest” piques curiosity. And nowhere is that more true than in the food industry. People simply love edible monstrosities.


This ginormous version of the bite-sized dish was on display at G. Sushi, the famed Honk Kong based chain that recently opened an outlet in Shanghai, China.

It is owned by Jackie Chan, the martial arts hero and actor. The restaurateur tries to put his arms around the gigantic sushi roll, (makizushi) wrapped in a blanket of seaweed (nori).

Sushi is perhaps, the island nation’s most popular gastronomic export to the world and they come in an endless variety. But this particular one is certainly, one of a kind.

Any sushi-lovers headed to Shanghai yet, for the big bite?

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Alakananda Mookerjee
I am a New York City-based freelance journalist. In the last several years, I have worked as a newspaper journalist in newsrooms across two continents—Asia and America. With quite a few years of experience in the print medium, I am now, very eager to have a taste of Web journalism. Which is why you find me here.