A 10 month-old Taiwanese girl was severely burned at the hand of her father last week in Taiwan.

Mr. Huang, a 47 year-old alcoholic noodle factory owner, had been out all night drinking with some friends. When he returned home, very intoxicated, his girlfriend and the baby’s mother, Ms. Lin, was extremely angry and they began to argue.

Lin was holding their baby in her arms and at one point in the argument, dared Huang to throw their daughter into a gigantic wok of boiling water.

Huang, furious and angry, jumped over and snatched his daughter from Lin and dumped her into the boiling water.

Lin in shock, managed to pull the baby out of the boiling water, but it was too late as 90% of the babies body was scalded.

She tried to cool the baby by running cold water on her and removing her clothing, but it only added to the babies pain as parts of her skin fell off.

Lin ran with the baby to her house, where her brother rushed them to the hospital.

A doctor described the baby’s pain as ‘being slashed by a thousand knives’, and almost 10 times worse than labor pains.

When the police arrived at the noodle factory to arrest Huang, they found him standing there cooking noodles as if nothing had occured.

Huang later told the police that he “didn’t mean to put the baby in the boiling water. I really regret what I did after having a drop too much.’

Initially the baby’s condition looked to be improving, but Monday night, she took a turn for the worse.

3 days later, the 10 month-old girl died from multiple organ failure.

“We respected the mother’s wish not to defibrillate or perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and we gave the baby all the medication we could, including antibiotics. Unfortunately, the girl left us at 10:05am,” Changhua Christian Hospital emergency room supervisor Chou Chih-chung (周志中) said.

“It was just too painful for her,” the mother said.


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