The “Bandit Elephant” in northern Keonjhar district in Orissa state of India, is at it again! The wild pachyderm waylays motorists by refusing to let their vehicles pass unless they give him food.

Witnesses claim that the elephant forces motorists to roll down their windows and leave their vehicles after which it inserts its trunk (the new jimmy) into the car and scours it for food.

“If you are carrying vegetables and bananas inside your vehicle, it will gulp them and then allow you to go,” said Prabodh Mohanty, who has already had two encounters with the elephant.

If the passing motorist dares to defy orders and not roll down the window or resists opening the vehicle door, the bandit elephant pushes the vehicle and stands right in front of it until he can make his routine check for his idea of booty.

Forest officials claim that the elephant is old and looking for easy food. They warn commuters not to tease the elephant as it might retaliate if provoked.

Are there handcuffs large enough to hold this creature and what about paw prints and a jail cell big enough to hold him?




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