If you have never heard of the ‘little superstar’, then you are in for a real weird asian treat.

Originally from the 1990 Tamil film ‘Adisaya Piravi‘, the clip with the ‘little superstar’ showing his skills didn’t hit wide spread popularity until it was released 16 years later on Youtube in 2006.

The combination of dance moves, style, and music, make this one of the best little movie clips we have ever scene.

We promise there is no way you can watch this and not smile:

Translation of the Dialogue in the above video:

Mother: Hey, hey. What’s with the party early in the morning. Everyone go away, shoo, shoo. (Speaking to Rajinikanth, who’s lying on the cot) Why not take some rest, dear.

Rajinikanth: OK Mom (lights up a beedi as she walks away).

Thavakalai: Dude, give me a beedi.

Rajinikanth: Hey! Kids shouldn’t smoke.

Thavakalai: Buddy, I’m ten years older than you. Give it to me I say.

Rajinikanth: And if I don’t?

Thavakalai: I’ll skin you alive.

Rajinikanth: Here you go.

The best part about the ‘little superstar’ is that he can not only entertain you, but he can also handle those unwanted guests that sometimes stop by.

Translation of the Dialogue in the above video:

Thavakalai: Brother, you shouldn’t be bothering for these silly things. I’ll take care of this myself (with my hands).

Rajinikanth: Ok.

(Thavakalai clambers up a person’s tie and starts slapping him)

Thavakalai: (pauses and looks at Rajinikant) Dude, how (am I doing)?

Rajinikanth: Great!

Rajinikanth: That’s enough. He’s going to die !

(Thavakalai gets off and returns back to cot)

Rajinikanth: Well, is this enough or do you want a piece of me too?

So where is the ‘little superstar’ now? Well his real name is actually Thavakalai, a 3 foot 4 inch tall Indian actor currently living in Mumbai.

Here is some footage from a few years back showing he still has the skills that made him so famous around the world.

The ‘Little Superstar’ mentions on his MySpace page, that he has always dreamed of visiting New York City. So if you happen to know anyone at the Daily Show, Letterman, or Conan, then ping them and help get this guy the attention he deserves.


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