After disposing of 39,650 rodents, a man from Bangladesh has been crowned a rat-killing champion and has been awarded a 14-inch Sony color television for his efforts.

It took Binoy Kumar Karmakara one year to perform the daunting task and he used traps, poison and flooding to capture the animals.

He also kept their tails so that he could keep count.

Killing rats is a strategy that was launched by the government of Bangladesh because rats are responsible for the loss of about 10% of the country’s crops. That is a terrible figure for a region of the world where people starve and die in the public streets.

“During the year, our farmers killed around 25 million rats and Kumar Karmakara has been declared the champion for killing 39,650,” said agriculture department spokesman, Abdul Halim.

Hail to the champion! Pied Pier, step down!




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