Appreciating and analyzing pornographic movies hardly seems like fodder for a university course, and yet Taiwan’s Mass Communication Department of Providence University is the first institute of higher learning to initiate just such a course.

In order to sign up for this course, students sign a paper agreeing that if the scenes are too explicit, they can opt to leave the classroom. The teacher, assistant professor Miss Chen Mingmei, said no students have ever left her class, but some would briefly cover their eyes during the stronger scenes.

A 15-minute presentation in which each student analyzes an audience’s psychological reaction to a porn clip from an academic perspective, is required in order to achieve a passing grade.

“If I get a very good score in this course, I don’t know how I’ll explain it to my parents.” said one worried student who wished to remain anonymous.

The course attracted more than 50 students, and most confessed that they had watched porn videos before. They listed curiosity as the main incentive for wanting to take the course and most admitted that their parents were unaware of their choice of course material.

“I am really worried my parents will see the score report when it is mailed home. I won’t know what to say if I get a high score. However if I fail the course, I can speak to my parents and suggest that maybe I should watch more porn,” said another student

Behind those ivy walls, “x” really does mark the spot!




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