Japan has led the way in the field of robotics and in keeping with this tradition has become the first country to begin mass-producing a robot that will help human beings become more mobile. Meet Robot Suit HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) and shake his hand; that is, if he will let you.

Robot Suit HAL is worn over the arms and legs. Through the use of eight electric motors attached to shoulders, elbows, knees and the waist, this device greatly assists body movement.

Produced by Cyberdyne Inc, the company expects to make the robot suit available for rental through specific sales outlets in the very near future.

Almost like those fairy tale boots and magic carpets that transport the wearer into mystical realms of flying and super powers, this incredible device supports the limb movements of the wearer, and through the help of sensors quickly responds to wherever more mobility is needed.

Robot Suit HAL’s secret powers are derived from a unique method that senses bioelectric signals sent from the brain, rather by than detecting muscle movements.

Commercialization of Robot Suit HAL is still in its infancy and there are some technical problems. Robot Suit HAL remains creepy and weird however, because its essence translates into a person controlling the robot by his or her own will even if the user is unable to move!




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