In a bizarre turn of events that seem straight out of an old Twilight Zone episode, police in Khajekalam, India, mistakenly declared a man dead who was found in a semi-conscious state, and sent him off for an autopsy while he was still alive!

Abdul Raza, a road roller driver for the state Public Works Department, was found in a semi-conscious state and declared dead before being properly examined.

“The Khajekalan police informed his family members that Raza was dead and that his body could be collected at Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH). The news from the post-mortem room had the family members wailing. When we reached there, a constable told us that Raza was actually alive and admitted into the emergency ward,” said Hameed Intiaz, a relative.

The police station denies any goof up, but obviously someone did. It is suspected that the real error occurred in conveying the message to the police.

In any case, Raza can now say what Mark Twain did when a newspaper reported he had died:

“Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!”




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