The Japanese are known for many fine things including kabuki, geisha, sake, sake, and sake.

Since Japanese tradition calls for frequent drinking session between bosses and businessmen, getting trashed is a very common occurrence.

Hell, they even have their own unique expression for a hangover, which is “futsukayoi”, meaning, and “drunk for two days.” (To be drunk for three days is “mikkayoi” while drunk for four days is “yokkayoi”).

Like their own drinking phrases, the Japanese have their own remedies for these conditions as well, most of which are fruit based.

“Genki drinks” are elixirs that are said to treat many conditions, including acute hammering in one’s head.

Sold in convenience stores all over Japan, these small, 100ml (3.38 fluid ounces) glass bottles contain various potions said to cure or at least reduce the symptoms of common colds, loss of libido and hangovers.

But the Japanese are a very versatile lot, to say the least, and they know more than one way to stop the hammering.

One popular pre-emptive hangover cure is to eat ramen noodles after you finish drinking. It is said that a bowl before going to sleep will nip the nastiest hangover right in the bud.

Another age-old Japanese remedy is miso soup, which is known to soothe the savage stomach and head.

Other remedies include drinking green tea, eating grated daikon or pushing pressure points.

Persimmons, also known as “kaki” is good for a hangover because of “their combination of fructose, vitamins A and C and minerals is the secret”, says Metropolis Magazine.

Another natural remedy that has been utilized for centuries is kudzu, which is a kind of vine in the pea family.

Umeboshi pickled plums are also thought to relieve hangovers. The pyric acid in umeboshi breaks down the booze in the body and restores the stomach to a life it can tolerate.

“For a normal hangover, bite off about a quarter of a plum and keep it in your mouth until it dissolves. For a whopper hangover, herbalists recommend popping a whole plum into your mouth. Continue to suck on it for about an hour after the plum has dissolved.” – Asylum

Although we all know that anyone who drinks always runs the risk of drinking too much; after all, we are only human. There is, however, another alternative for hangovers that neither the legacy of ancient wisdom nor the perspective of modern thinking has touched upon. It is very simple.

Don’t drink so much!




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