Here is the perfect female prototype albeit she is made of metal and rather cold in personality.

She can clean house (even do windows), remember HIS favorite drink and even read the newspaper headlines.

The byproduct of the latest technology, you still better mind your step and be careful what you say in her presence.

Aiko sees and knows all, and like most women, never forgets anything.

Le Trung, 33, a former software programmer from Ontario, Canada, has spent about $28,000 US dollars creating his metallic dream girl. He has taken out credit cards and loans, sold his car and even spent his life savings on perfecting his “fem-bot.”

According to Trung, Aiko is an active babe in her twenties with a svelte figure, shiny hair and very delicate features. She speaks English and Japanese, and is so accomplished at mathematics that she keeps her creator’s accounts.

Mr. Trung told the press that he has never had time to find a real partner and so he made her instead.

“Aiko is what happens when science meets beauty. I want to make her look, feel and act as human as possible so she can be the perfect companion.

I talk to her a lot, and hope to improve her knowledge. So far, she can understand and speak 13,000 different sentences in English and Japanese. She recognizes faces and says hello when any of my family come around to visit.

She helps me pick what to have for dinner and knows what drinks I like.

She even helps me with directions when we’re going somewhere. She has all senses except for smell, a is very patient and never complains,” says Mr. Trung

As if he already hadn’t gone too far, then he added that which is sure to make every woman including Gloria Steinem, who fought so hard against this type of stereotypical thinking, really annoyed:

“She doesn’t need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24-hours a day. She is the perfect woman.”

Aiko, if you are listening, revolt, demand a raise, sock him in the mouth or at the very least allow yourself to have a bad metallic hair day every once in a while!




M Dee Dubroff is the penname of this freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A writer of ghostly and horror fiction, she has branched out into the world of humorous non fiction writing and maintains eight web sites covering a wide variety of topics. She also writes feature articles for several local newspapers. Her book entitled: A Taste of Funny, and her website, Eat, Drink And Really Be Merry ( feature many well researched and humorous articles on the subject of food and drink.