Choosing the one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with can be difficult, especially when you are already married and have a date set for a second separate wedding.

Tatsuhiko Kawada, a 39 year-old married man, had been seeing a woman outside of his marriage for about 3 years. Kawada has promised his girlfriend that he would marry her and even set the date, but found he could not decide whether or not he wanted to marry the girlfriend or stay with his wife.

The night before the ceremony was to take place, Kawada poured gasoline in an employee entrance hall and then set fire to it with his cigarette lighter.

Around 8 square meters of the hotel was burned and Kawada was arrested the following day on arson and trespassing charges.

‘‘I started the fire because of circumstances that made it impossible for me to go through with the wedding.” said Kawada to the police.

I am curious who he will call to have come and bail him out of jail though…


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