Dolphins at a Japanese marine park have been placed on a low fat diet since August.

Apparently all 19 dolphins have developed potbellies and are too out of shape to perform aquatically.

“They started failing to hit jumping targets and keep upright while treading water. We were puzzled by their poor performance, and then we noticed they looked rounder.” – Haruo Imazu, Kinosaki Marine World.

Aquarium workers have measured the dolphins and found that all had gained weight over the summer, some up to 22 pounds.

All the dolphins ate the same food, which consisted of about 31 pounds of mackerel mixed with some white fish (no bagels or cream cheese, please).

The problem seems to have been that the mackerels had gotten fatter, which added too many calories for the dolphins.

Now all the dolphins are on a serious weight-loss program and are fed more white fish than mackerel. They are also exercising more regularly.

It is hoped that less fat and moderate exercise will work  (and maybe the zoo can arrange a morale-boosting visit from Richard Simmons if he is still available for consultation).

Let the dolphins not eat cake (or something like that)




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