You better think twice the next time you swear to God about something, because you never know when he might make a miracle out of you.

On Aug 26, in Fujian Province, China, an upset Wong decided to visit his friend Xu’s house to collect an unpaid debt.

3 years ago Xu borrowed 500 yuen (about $70) from Wong for his wedding and never paid the money back.

Wong showed up at Xu’s house with a bat in hand demanding that Xu pay back the money he had borrowed. Xu then pulled out a metal rod he had laying around to use in defense if Wong decided to attack him.

Xu denied that he had borrowed any money from Wong and asked him to prove that there was a debt to be owed.

Wong finally “told him that if he dared to swear to God that he didn’t owe me the money, then I would waive his debt.”

Xu, obviously seeing a way out of paying the debt, then pointed the pole straight up in the air and shouted “if I ever borrowed money from Wong, let me be struck by lighting.”

Less than a minute after shouting those words, lightning struck the outstretched pole and passed through into Xu’s body.

Xu was taken to the hospital but survived the incident.

No mention as to whether this proves Xu did indeed borrow the money or if he has any plans to now pay Wong the money he owes.


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.