In keeping with the Chinese belief that certain animals or their organs have special medicinal properties, one can only speculate about the advantages of ingesting a penis that once belonged to a poor little donkey.

China International Travel Service (CITS) prepares visitors for the fact that they might consider some of the things eaten in China to be offensive to their sensibilities.

They encourage people, however, to taste them in order to “bridge the cultural gap and look at it with an open mind.”

In many shopping districts, vendors offer a range of delicacies such as seahorses on sticks, donkey penises and cicadas.

One vendor said of his very different and weird food fare:

“The seahorses are good for men’s kidneys and these cicada are good for both the boys and the girls.”

Perhaps the strangest custom to western eyes is the consumption of donkey penises, which are considered highly desirable delicacies. (Not for the poor donkeys).

Watch the video of a poor Englishman being confronted with a dinner that is not only strange but also incomprehensible.

His hostess explains how to eat it and its manner of preparation.

The poor little donkey.



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