I want to say this is shocking, but as China has learned to fake just about anything, including eggs, why should the Olympics be any different.

During the opening ceremonies, the most beautiful voice could be heard coming from little LinMiaoke, a 9 year-old girl who sang her heart out for all the Olympic attendees.

LinMiaoke became an overnight hero in China and across the world, but she quickly fell from her new found fame when it was learned that she was not actually singing at all.

Almost identical to the “Milli Vanilli” scandal, LinMiaoke was chosen to lip sync for the real singer because of her cute face.

The real singer was YangPeiYi, a 7 year-old from Beijing.

Apparently YangPeiYi’s beautiful voice wasn’t enough to earn her a spot on stage at the Olympics celebration.

ZhangYiMou, the director, thought that YangPeiYi was not pretty enough to perform because of her chubby face and crooked teeth.

They recorded her voice so the 9 year-old could lip sync during the opening ceremonies.

The Chinese government claimed it was better for the image of China.

After the news spread, Yang was interviewed on CCTV. When the reporter asked her how she felt that she wasn’t the one on the stage actually singing, the 7 year-old YangPeiYi said “I’m happy to have my voice in the opening, that’s good enough for me.”


Mui Mui
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