Early in the morning around 2:00am a fishing boat near Hainan Sanya in China caught what is likely to be one of the largest stingrays ever caught.

Casting nets, the fishermen caught a 3,300 lbs Stingray, which took about 3 hours to pull back into the boat. The net was strong enough to hold the huge fish, but the struggle cause the stingray to die.

The stingray measured about 16 1/2 foot in width.

The fishermen tied the stingray to the back of the boat and dragged it back to their dock. It remained in perfect condition even though it was dead for many hours.

The fisherman was able to sell the stingray for around $1,500 since they have a high commercial value.

Stingray’s liver can be made into fish oil, the bones and intestines are used in medical fish powder, and the meat is a delicacy in most restaurants.


Mui Mui
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