When it comes to taking your own life, Prashant is as hard headed as they come and he just won’t accept failure.

Prashant, 22 years old, nailed an 8 centimeter metal nail into the top of his skull with a log. Luckily the nail missed his brain and surgery was performed to removed the nail.

“This was a psychiatric patient. This man’s condition got worse after witnessing the Victoria Park fire two years ago,” said Dr. Pradip Bharti, the physician who operated on the nailed patient.

According to Dr. Bharti, Prashant has previously attempted to kill himself many times, trying different methods. Unfortunate for Prashant, he is very lucky and has survived this most recent attempt on his life.

The hospital is turning away the crowds wanting to visit and see Prashant while recuperating in intensive care after surgery.





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