What do you get when 2016 participants decide to put their hands and feet together?

A New World Record of course!

On July 1st, if you happened to have been visiting Taiwan, you might have seen this wacky weird group trying for a world record for the most people to receive foot massages (reflexology) simultaneously.

Can you say foot fetish?

1,008 reflexologists and 1,008 tourists from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, all volunteered to rub, and be rubbed, for 40 minutes in this record event.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau organized the record foot feat to promote their health tourism. “Reflexology” is among the most popular practices in Taiwan for relaxation and improving general health.

Guinness had set the requirement to have at least 400 participants receiving treatment for at least five minutes on each foot, a feat the 2016 participants managed with ease.




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