In Asia contrasting things are very popular; sweet and sour, yin and yang, etc. The Japanese are not immune to this associating of opposites.

In April and May of this year in Himeji, Japan, there was a Confectionery Exposition and a Poop Museum Exhibit going on at the same time, but thankfully in different venues.

What the sign says:

Everybody come and play! Come and look! We have poop books!

Rabbit: It’s poop time!

Gorilla: Come and see my poop too!

Elephant: Animal poop is here yo!

See it. Touch it! Smell it! Explore!

Can you guess what animals made this poop? (3 pictures)

Just imagine leaving displays of beautiful candy castles and then gazing upon poop (unchi) in cute little boxes just like Easter Candy.

The Poop Museum Exhibit had displays of poop from all sorts of animals, books and diagrams concerning how poop is made, and videos of poop in the making, a virtual one-stop poop emporium. One of the books was even made out of recycled elephant poop, and though I might read it, I wouldn’t lick my fingers to turn the pages.

The Poop Museum Exhibit should tour the world; it could be a life saver. Every time you stumble upon a pile of poop you’ll be able to immediately determine whether it’s just a Cocker Spaniel dump or if a lion is in the neighborhood.