In April 2008, we did an article about Issei Sagawa, a famous Japanese cannibal who killed and ate his girlfriend during college.

It would appear he was not the only famous Japanese cannibal as it was announced that Tsutomu Miyazaki, a notorious serial killer who killed four little girls and ate parts of thier bodies, was put to death.

Miyazaki had an obseission with sexual cartoons and pornography, which got him the nickname the “cannibal nerd”.

Miyazaki was arrested in July of 1989 while trying to take pictures of naked girls outside. He then confessed to the killing of the four kids, aged between four and seven, and then eating their bodies, sleeping next to  their corpses, and drinking their blood.

Police found about 6,000 videotapes filled with horrific footage at his home in Saitama, near Tokyo, Japan.

Miyazaki’s lawyers fought that he was insane and not responsible for his actions, but he was convicted in February of 2006 and put to death after about 20 years of judicial hearings recently on June 17, 2008.

“The atrocious murder of four girls to satisfy his sexual desire leaves no room for leniency,” said the Chief Justice.

Miyazakishowed any remorse for his actions and it was revealed through his psychologist that Miyazaki thought by murdering the children he could bring his grandmother back. She had died a few months before Miyazaki commited the first murder in 1988.

“Please tell the world that I’m a gentle man” was the last thing he said to his psychologist.

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