If you’re a girl looking for a man who will keep you company anytime you want, go to movies you want to see, shop with you and even take you on a romantic dinner, then you will love the recently popular South Korean trend of adopting a “Pet Boy”.

“I’m 6 ft tall guy and nice looking. Girls who would like to adopt me as your pet, please contact me.”

Pet Boys, who are often college kids in their 20’s, find “Being someone’s pet is stress free job with no financial burden at all.”

The idea came from a Japanese anime story that was popular about 5 years ago. It was about a business woman who always had bad luck in relationships. One day, she decided to take home a young man off the street to live with her as her pet.

The story was later made into a Japanese TV show as seen in the video below.

Last month, a local Korean TV show announced they were accepting “Pet Boy” applications and around 2,200 people applied. Even on the internet, agencies have started popping up offering “Pet Boys” services.

The trend is expected to spread throughout Asia in the near future.


Mui Mui
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