It was like a scene out of Resident Evil, when a man began to vomit in a hospital emergency room causing over 50 people surrounding him to be posioned and scrambling for medical attention themselves.

This was no movie though and no one was amused.

In Kumamoto, Japan, a man was rushed to the emergency room after drinking large amounts of pesticide and poisoning himself. Doctors were attempting to pump the patients stomach when he started violently vomiting before dying.

The spray of chloropicrin, a very dangerous pesticide, was so toxic it cause 54 doctors, nurses, and patients to have breathing problems and sores in their eyes, leaving them desperate for medical help.

All of the injured hospital workers were transfered to a different hospital and 10 of them ended up being hospitalized themselves.

A 72 year-old pneumonia patient got the worst of it as her condition worsened after being exposed to the fumes.

90 additional hospital personnel were called in to assist in the emergency and the nearby fire department was called in to decontaminate the emergency room.

Detergent suicides have been a recent trend in Japan, which has caused a panic amongst officials. With 50 people having killed themselves with detergent overdose recipes found on the internet, officials have tried to get internet providers to take down pages containing the recipe.


Mui Mui
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