MediaCorp, a Singapore television station, was fined $11,000 for airing an episode of “Find and Design” at 7:30 am on Sunday, January 13, which showed the host acknowledging a homosexual couple and a baby as a family.


This broke the “Free-to-Air TV Program Code” which doesn’t allow for programs to promote, justify, or glamorize gay lifestyles.

“we overstepped the line,” executive vice-president of programming and production was quoted as saying. “This won’t happen again.”

StarHub Cable Vision was fined earlier this month for airing a commercial that showed two lesbians kissing. They were forced to pay $7,200 for the violation.

Homosexual acts are illegal and deemed “an act of gross indecency,” punishable by a maximum of two years in jail. Singapore authorities have even gone as far as banning gay festivals and gay films, stating that they do not want the gay lifestyle to be a choice for its people.