If you have ever seen “Monty Python”, then you would remember the scene where the filthy man covered in muck comes around with a wheel barrel chiming “Bring out your dead“.

In Japan, the task of extracting their dead has become a bit more advanced.

Meet Robokiyu the Rescue Robot, whose job it is to come in and extract the dead from any situation.


Owned by the Tokyo Fire Department and controlled by remote control Robokiyu uses two movable arms to drag a person’s body up the slide located in the front of the machine.


Don’t worry if you happen to be presumed dead and picked up by Robokiyu, he has fresh oxygen pumping through him at all times for your convenience.

Robokiyu is also not above apology and will happily pour you a drink to say sorry.


Still I can only imagine how scary that would be. Laying out after a long night of drinking to have be jolted awake in the arms of some giant robot trying to eat you… wow

You can see the official released PDF from the Tokyo Fire Department here – link.


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