Wang, a 37 year-old Chinese lady, and her husband’s marriage was on the rocks. They fought often and Wang had become desperate to win her husband’s heart back.

Sometimes love will cause people to go to extremes, in an effort to win the heart of the person they want. Wang, a 37 year-old Chinese woman found that out the hard way.

On March 3rd, they had a really bad fight and the husband slammed the door and left their home in anger.

Knowing her marriage was on the rocks and they were fighting frequently, Wang decided to do something to win her estranged husband back.

Wang gathered more than 400 brand new phones, from their successful phone retail businesses inventory, and placed them on their bed. She then poured Kerosene on them and set them on fire, before leaving the house herself.


The neighbors reported seeing black smoke coming from the home, and called the fire department. Wang was arrested and charged with arson.

The burnt inventory was valued at more than $42,000, and all phones were completed destroyed.

As to whether the act helped to bring their marriage closer… no one knows.

(Thx Derrin)

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