At some point everyone has enjoyed a fresh hot cup noodle. It is that instant little cup you just poor hot water into, wait a few minutes, and then devour to satisfy your hunger needs.

“Cup Nude”, on the other hand, satisfies a completely different need all together. Although similar in design, you will immediately notice upon opening, that this is not your average midnight snack.


Complete with a packet of “Gently Acid Lotion”, we are sure you will find some enjoyment out of this loving product, unless of course that is real acid in that packet… Yeeouch!


(Ramon Students)

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.