Xiang Chen is an incredible man who can do… well… some incredible things.

Chen, from the Hunan province, can write amazing calligraphy with his eye. He can hold paint brushes, some as big as 4.4 pounds like in the picture below, under his eyelid and literally write and paint with his eye.


34 year-old Chen discovered his eyes were different from other people when he was 16.

He came home one day, from his construction work, and surprised to see that both of his eyes were full of sand and yet he didn’t feel any discomfort or pain.

Chen even tried poking sticks into his eyes but all he felt was a minor itchy sensation and it actually felt relaxing and good to him.


Outside of just painting and writing, Chen can also hold a stick in his eye and play the piano.

Check out Chen playing piano with his eye in this video – Here

Doctors have checked Chen out and say that his eyes are no different than anyone else’s.

Mui Mui
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