At a recent Shadang fashion show, LA Fashion Week producers decided to have Shaolin Monks do an opening performance on the catwalk.

Towards the end of the performance, one of the monks attempted a forward flip and landed on his back, breaking a hole in the catwalk. The monks recovered from the mishap and finished their performance.


No one at the fashion show seemed concerned or attempted to repair the damaged runway and the show continued on.

Sarah Welch, a former contestant on the American Bachelor TV show, walked out onto the catwalk to strut her stuff forgetting about the hole the monks made. A few short steps and she found herself falling through the hole on the runway, which was above the swimming pool at the Mondrian hotel.

Jimmy Jean-Louis, actor from hit TV Show “Heroes”, quickly comes to her rescue and helps her out of the hole.


Designer Rafi Anteby later reported that “all’s well with Sarah…” so no animals were hurt in the making of this article.

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