Last year Japan released a new revolutionary gaming console called the Wii. A worldwide hit almost instantly, the Wii has outsold all other consoles.


Shortly after Japan’s success with the Wii, China released the Vii, also know as the “Power Stick”. China has been infamous in the past for flat out copying products. Recent copies include a complete clone of Digg, Youtube, iPhone, and now the Wii.

The price is much cheaper than the original Wii, for 986 yuan (around $125) you can own a Made in China “Wii”. Such low prices might be why they’ve already sold over 300,000 consoles across China.

The quality? Of course won’t be as good as the originals, but for the money you save you could probably buy a ripped off copy of every Wii game out there. Course it would be on a Vii disk…


Mui Mui
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