Chab Kear, a 36 year-old Cambodian man, was hanging out drinking when he saw a snake swimming in a river.

Intoxicated the man decided he would jump in and catch the snake in hopes of later selling it later. Chab proceeded to take of his trousers and jump in the river to catch the almost 2 meter Cobra.


Successful, he put the snake into his trousers and tied the legs around his waist.

As Chab continued to drink and be merry until the snake finally managed to get its fangs free and bite
He tied the animal inside his trousers and a scarf around his waist, but as he continued carousing the enraged snake managed to get its fangs free and bite Kear three times on the stomach.

Chab’s last words before dying were “don’t worry – it’s nothing a drink can’t fix”.

(Bangkok Post)

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