Mr. Han, from Zhoukou city in China, was worried about his 10-month-old daughters health. She was diagnosed with Pneumonia but was not recovering.

The Hostpital at Zhengzhou University checked out the girl and diagnosed her with a rare complication of pneumonia called Pyopneumothorax.

After numerous treatments the little girl was still not improving so the doctors decided surgery was the only option. However surgery revealed something even the doctors had never seen before.

“We were surprised to find a 3cm piece of grass growing on the baby’s right lung,” said chief surgeon Li Qun.

Mr. and Mrs. Han claim that the grass is the same kind growing outside of their home and the doctors determined that the baby must have inhaled some grass seed into her lungs. The seed, finding the environment suitable, started to grow.

They removed the grass and the little girl’s health improved and she recovered from her illness.