A Tokyo jewelry store in Tokyo, Japan, unveiled a few gold items you would not normally find among rings and necklaces.

A Swimsuit, Dress, and matching shawl, sewn with a 1300 year old method in Kyoto, carried price tags that made most of the jewelry pale in comparison.


The price tag for a hand-woven dress is 30 million yen ($245 000) and the swimsuit, which has an open back and plunging neckline, is only 10-million-yen ($81 700).

“The dress and swimsuit can be worn normally like any other clothes but should be treated as jewelery and so shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine,” a spokesperson for the store said.

For none aquatic shoppers, a tapestry is available for just 50-million-yen ($408 000).


Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura

Aki Nakimura, from Tachikawa, Japan, spends much of his time in Tokyo working for a small book shop in Shinjiku. It could be his interest in news or his lack of work ethic but he spends a lot of time reading various newspapers and magazines at work. He is nice enough to share and publish articles that he finds weird enough to pass on.
Aki Nakimura

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