Regardless whether the whole fiasco over Pork flavored cardboard buns was made up or not, the cardboard stuffed bun story has inspired this Japanese guy.

If you want to make cardboard bun, this is how.

  1. Soak cardboard paper in the alkali solution.


  2. Chop it up.


  3. Mix the cardboard paper with vegitables, real pork and seasoning.


  4. Make the dumplings.


  5. Steam for 12 minutes.


  6. Before eating, drink bottle of vinegar to neutralize the alkali and help digest the cardboard.


  7. Mmm… little chewy, but it does taste like real pork.


How does it taste? “Ummm…besides a little chewy and bit uncomfortable when it stuck between the teeth, it doesn’t taste that bad, actually.”


Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.