Bao Xi-shu, from Inner Mongolia, China, is the World’s Tallest Man. He has also probably become one of the most famous of all the tallest men before him.

In the last month we have reported numerous stories about Bao getting married, looking for a new bed, and saving a poor injured Dolphin.

We are happy to say that Bao was able to find the massive bed he was looking for. In fact, due to all the publicity it received, he actually received a free bed from Quan’U, a furniture company based in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia.

bao xi-shun inquanu furniture.jpg

With the furniture issues out of the way Bao and his lovely wife Xia Shu-juan had only one more challenge to overcome, ceremonial clothing that would fit the World’s Tallest Man.


Around 30 tailors worked for three consecutive days to complete two wedding dresses for the 2.36-meter (7.74 feet) giant from northern China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


Bao and Xia enjoyed their traditional Mongolian secluded wedding ceremony on July 19.

Here are a few pictures:



Chinese News Footage: Link

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