Beijing’s long-suffering taxi-drivers are in the cross-hairs once again — with shaved heads to be banned from the driving seat ahead of next year’s Beijing Olympics, a report said Thursday.

Just two months after the city’s transport department banned women taxi drivers from wearing “too-fancy” hairstyles, new rules will outlaw beards and shaved heads for the men, according to Beijing’s The First newspaper.

The regulations proposed by the Beijing city government’s bureau on quality standards were aimed at “giving a good impression” to customers, the paper said. They go into effect in mid-July.

Beijing’s 70,000 taxi drivers work long hours for low pay and often sleep and eat in their vehicles, leading to complaints about dirty and smelly cabs.

In April, cabbies were ordered not to eat, spit or smoke in their cars while female drivers were told to keep their hair neat, dress smartly and not wear earrings.