In over 80 countries in the world the age of consent for sex is 16. For Japan, it is only 13.

13 year old girls can consent to having sex!! Something is wrong with this picture.

A doctor offering a sex counseling service in Japan’s Roppongi says children need to learn about sex – how to avoid it, that is.

Recently a 12 year old showed up at his clinic with VD. She was sleeping with older guys to get money so she could beome a groupie for her favorite performer.

Jr. high school girls coming to his clinic show up in increasing numbers.

High school girls don’t even change out of their uniforms before they come.

A popular TV program about a 14-year-old mother’ is seen to glorify teen motherhood and adding to the idiocy.

Some are even praising the children for helping out in Japan’s declining population rate.

(Rising Sun of Nihon)

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