A farmer was trampled to death under the hoofs of his cow because he was blocking the animal as it was rushing to mate with an ox, the City Evening News in Northeast China’s Jilin Province reported today.

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The farmer, surnamed Wang of Chuanying District in Jilin Province, was killed by the cow on Monday when it was preparing to mate with an ox from a neighboring village, the report said.

The two animals were first arranged to mate together on Monday morning but failed.

The two owners decided to give the animals another chance. When the cow which was in heat, saw the ox again in the afternoon, she suddenly became agitated and tried to rush forward.

The animal broke its leash, knocked down Wang and stamped across his body, the report said. Wang dies on the spot with hoof prints on his body, the report said.

The ox owner has agreed to pay 3,000 yuan (US$392) as compensation to Wang’s family.

“The cow was too anxious and snappish since this was her first mating,” said the daughter-in-law of the ox owner, adding that cows can easily get out of control when in heat.

(Shanghai Daily)

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