Officials of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) plan to persuade government agencies to exercise restraint over firecracker use during folklore celebrations to help control pollution for the sake of people’s health.

A 13.01-km-long string of firecrackers — named “The Legend of Fire Dragon” — was set off as part of the celebrations of the traditional Lantern Festival in the “Year of the Pig” at Yenshui Township of the southern Tainan County.

Organizers of the event claimed it was a world record for the longest string of firecrackers, which drew record numbers of holiday revelers.

But the extravaganza also meant the pollution nightmare dreaded by EPA officials came true.

Officials said they are unwilling to draft rules to restrict celebration activities.

But they will help find a solution through meetings with other government agencies and local-level governments to encourage organizers to exercise voluntary restraint to make such public activities more environment-friendly.

Environmental protection agencies at the central and local governments have gained ground in persuading people not to burn too much “paper money” when holding activities honoring their ancestors or deities.

The Taipei City Government has been encouraging people in the capital to download firecracker sounds from the Internet for use on certain occasions or folklore holidays.


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