**Update: MyBlogLog, after alot of public opinion and comment, decided they made a mistake in banning Shoe. They have decided to unbann him and even put him on the featured users page as an added apology. They have obviously heard and seen the public disaproval but it leaves you wondering: What if you were not Shoe? Would you even have a chance at having been unbanned? Prolly not but oh well..



Seriously, I never thought MyBlogLog was that cool. I guess looking at avatars is just not that important to me.

Principal is important to me. That is why i also will abandon my MyBlogLog activity as well. At first i was just pissed they banned Shoe for sharing exploits. Shoe could have used IM and really damaged MBL but instead he posted it for all to see, and inevitably get to fixing.

Just goes to show if you are going to make a product that targets social environments do not oust a big part of your social group.

Yours truely,

Pissed off asians around the world

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