A former school vice principal in northeast China’s Liaoning Province has been sentenced to a year in prison for kicking a boy in the testicles.

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The former vice principal, surnamed Zhang, of No. 55 Middle School in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, was also ordered to pay 11,000 yuan (US$1,375) in compensation to the teenage student surnamed Zheng, the People’s Court of Shengyang’s Tiexi District ruled.

In September 2003, the middle school organized sports games for the students but Zheng and his classmates were dissatisfied with the results. When vice principal Zhang entered the classroom for an inspection, Zheng forced a derisory cough to show his feelings, the court heard.

Vice principal Zhang then told Zheng to come to his office and asked him some questions. Angry with the student’s attitude and his replies, he kicked him in the testicles.

Since the incident, Zheng has visited a number of hospitals and has been diagnosed with slight injuries.

The vice principal was brought to court by the student’s family in January this year on charges of intentionally injuring other people.


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