Beijing plans to correct all bad English on major public signs by the end of 2007.

All English translations used in road signs, tourist attractions, commercial services, stadiums and gymnasiums, and health and medical services in Beijing would be corrected prior to the Beijing Olympic Games.

A government website on correct English usage, that has been collecting suggestions from the public for two months, was officially launched on Wednesday.

“Proper English on public signs are important for the Beijing Olympics, as well as the future development of the city.”

English on road signs within the city’s fifth ring road have already been corrected, and the municipal government is now searching for other incorrect and misleading public signs.

English speakers in Beijing have in the past been invited to visit “Racist Park”, the Park of Ethnic Minorities, and warned to take care on wet roads as “the slippery are very crafty”.

Beijing is also drafting standard English translations for Chinese cuisine and drinks, which should also be released soon.

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