Houreisen Face Exercise Mask

Houreisen Face Exercise Mask picture

Never underestimate the ingenuity of the Japanese when it comes to improving your appearance without expensive surgery. The Houreisen Face Exercise Mask is a small mask made of silicone rubber and nylon that purports to lift and tighten sagging cheeks, making it an ideal product for a negative Nancy and aspiring superheroes eager for a permanent smile.

Using the mask is simple, and requires nothing more than strapping it behind your ears and opening and closing your mouth for ten minutes a day. It only weighs 91g, and comes in a pleasing-to-the-eye red. No guarantees on its ability to make you a crime fighter, though. That’s all on you.

The Houreisen Face Exercise Mask features:

Recommended for use for 10 minutes each day
Colors: red
Material: Silicone rubber and nylon tape
Weight: 91g
Instructions: Japanese only